As Certified Business Coach and International Professional Speaker, Michelle Andrishak focuses on providing both clients and conference/workshop attendees with quick to learn and quick to use tools that when implemented, will have an extraordinarily positive impact on their businesses and lives.

Michelle provides engaging, information packed and fun presentations and workshops that are guaranteed to inspire and educate your audience!




YOU ARE ONLY 3 SECONDS AWAY FROM SUCCESS – So Stop Hitting the Snooze Button on Your Life & Business and Learn the 5 easy steps to be the Boss of your day!

In the presentation you will learn:

  • The myth of multi-tasking
  • The difference between being “busy” vs. being productive
  • The equation that makes your time management system successful : Priorities + Focus + Action
  • How to hack your brain function to avoid procrastination and jump into action
  • How to manage distractions that suck time of your day
  • How to develop a morning routine that sets you up to be a super achiever!With new scientific studies, tools and tips this presentation will help you develop a system that is so much more than adding events in a calendar, so you can get more things done in your day.
SHUT THE DUCK UP!!! How to take charge of thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back in life and in business.

Are you plagued by constant negative chatter running around in your head? Like the incessant quacking of a duck that never ever stops? Is it road blocking your life and business? I can show you how to shut the duck up and take action to step into your maximum potential and have the life and business you dare to dream about!

From a life plagued with the incessant “quacking of my duck” telling me I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t valuable enough, wasn’t smart enough, wasn’t lovable enough, I have found the tools to SHUT THE DUCK UP and move into a life filled with excitement, opportunity and success. I share my personal story of stepping up to challenges to “prove the duck wrong” and the exhilarating freedom that comes from questioning that negative thinking that held me back from living the life I dreamed about and doing all the things I once told myself I couldn’t do, including taking professional singing lessons, paddle boarding, facing my past and signing up to complete a sprint triathlon!

What could you accomplish in life and in business if you got past all that stinking thinking and just believed you could do what you want to do? In this session I will share how to identify those negative thoughts that are holding you back, question their validity and assess the truth about who you really are, then enter the maximum amount of potential that you have, just waiting to be stepped into. This session will share quick to learn, quick to implement tools and tips that will capture every thought and replace stinking thinking with the mindset of success.


If your organization is looking for increased employee retention, higher productivity, decreased stress, reduced absenteeism, higher morale, reduction of workplace conflict, increased customer service levels and increased bottom line profitability and better inter-personal relationships this is the workshop for you!

At this  half day workshop you will learn;

  • Solid Team Building Tools
  • Effective Conflict Resolution Methods
  • Employee & Customer Growth and Retention
  • Expanded inter-personal & relationship skills
  • Easily identify the strengths & stresses of ourselves and others!
GOT A DREAM OF BEING YOUR OWN BOSS? Your guide to starting your own profitable and sustainable business.

What do you need to successfully start a small business? This comprehensive 90 minute presentation covers what every startup entrepreneur needs to do to increase chances for success in developing, starting and thriving in business.

“The whole communications presentation was worthwhile, informative and entertaining! Michelle is an excellent facilitator, very knowledgeable and passionate. This information is very beneficial for me to deal with customers. I now have a better understanding of myself and how I can relate better to other people
Rhonda Rauch

Owner, Scribbles and Giggles Scrapbooking Adventures, Rocky Mountain House

“Three Seconds to Success – Time Management with Michelle was a great way to start the day at our [email protected] workshop She proved that multitasking is NOT the way to get things done! Plus, we learned some simple tools that we can start to use right away to become super productive. Educational, Fun and Empowering – Thank You Michelle!” 
Jackie Stratton

Rimbey Chamber of Commerce, Rimbey, Alberta

“At the three seconds to success presentation I was thinking when you were talking and it was “this is me! At least now I have an idea why I procrastinate so badly”. I manage to talk myself out of a lot of things I know I should do. Now I have the tools that are so simple to implement, to be super productive! It’s going to make difference in my day and my business!”
Mardell Millis

Financial Coach , World Financial Group, Rocky Mountain House

“I learned why some personalities mesh and why some clash…and how to be more understanding of others”
Dustin P.

Great Falls, Montana

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