Advanced Customer Service Skills to Make Your Customers Raving Fans with Kendall Currie – K.Currie Training


Delivering outstanding customer service to every customer will not only improve your sales and business reputation, it will also make each day full of wonderful interactions and give you even more reasons to be proud of what you do! Learn more skills for you and your employees with this advanced customer service webinar.
Duration: 54 minutes
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Advanced Customer Service Skills – In this one hour webinar Kendall Currie shares with us…

Defining what Customer Service really means

Understanding that customer service is a part of our lives every day

FOUR Essential Parts of Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

1. Attitude

a. YOUR Attitude determines how successful you will be in customer service

b. Remember how you want to be treated as a customer

c. Leave your personal problems at the door

2. Product Knowledge

a. How well do you know the products you are selling / representing?

b. Are you able to explain benefits of using/buying the products?

c. Are there any specials that apply; in-store offers, mail-in rebates etc?

d. Can they get the product elsewhere? What is the benefit of buying it from you?

3. Personal Presentation

a. Clothing, hair, makeup, jewelry

b. Voice – tone, clarity, vocabulary, humour

c. Adjusting speech/vocabulary for different age groups

4. Difficult / Angry Customers

a. Is the customer always right?

b. How important is one customer to your business?

c. How to carry on with your work day after a difficult customer

Social Media and Customer Service

* If you are going to use Social Media for your business– get some professional advice first!

* What is your goal for your online presence? Increased in-store traffic, online sales?

* Providing the same great customer service online as you do in person – time frames are highly important.

About your instructor
Kendall is and engaging and entertaining speaker who uses her vast amount of experience in the customer service retail industry to share valuable tools that can enhance any business both online and storefront. As an instructor, facilitator and trainer she brings real world common sense solutions to firms seeking to enhance their customer care experience and build their bottom lines. Kendall has presented her highly acclaimed customer service sessions across Alberta and delivers her program in a way that excites and motivates viewers to use new skills in a customer centered way.



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